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Pepsi Bottling Ventures, Nampa, recognized by DEQ for pollution prevention achievements

NAMPA, IDAHO (Friday, September 14, 2012) — Pepsi Bottling Ventures has been recognized as a "Pollution Prevention Champion" by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for its successful efforts to reduce pollution at its Nampa bottling facility.

"Pepsi Bottling Ventures has distinguished itself through numerous efforts to reduce pollution at its Nampa bottling facility," observed Ben Jarvis, DEQ’s pollution prevention coordinator. "Pepsi has successfully been able to reduce energy demand, waste generation, water use, and wastewater generation."

Pepsi Bottling Ventures is one of three Pollution Prevention Champions being recognized by DEQ this year for implementing pollution prevention practices.

Pollution prevention is any technique used to reduce or eliminate pollution generated. In contrast to most pollution control strategies that manage a pollutant’s effect on the environment after it has been generated, pollution prevention seeks to eliminate or minimize the amount of toxicity of wastes and pollutants before they are generated.

To qualify as a candidate for pollution prevention recognition, recipients submitted an application to DEQ demonstrating how they had incorporated pollution prevention into daily operations by reducing raw materials or toxic materials purchased, hazardous or solid waste generated, water, energy or fuel used, or air pollutants emitted.

Pepsi Bottling Ventures has reduced the amount of waste being sent to the landfill. Currently, nearly 80% of the waste generated from its bottling operations is recycled, including aluminum, plastic, cardboard, and scrap metal.

Pepsi is also committed to energy efficiency, and has installed energy efficient industrial lighting systems that save more than 700,000 kwh annually.

In addition, Pepsi has reduced its water use and generation of wastewater. Various process changes have allowed Pepsi to reduce overall wastewater generation by 35% in 2012 and helped to cut down on overall water use by 14% over the same period.

About Pepsi Bottling Ventures

Pepsi Bottling Ventures (PBV) is the largest privately-held bottler for Pepsi-Cola products in North America – manufacturing, selling, and distributing some of the world’s most recognized consumer brands. PBV is a privately-held company, operating 28 bottling and distribution facilities in North Carolina, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Vermont, Idaho, and South Carolina. Corporate offices are located in Raleigh, North Carolina.