A note from Paul Finney, President & CEO

Today our country celebrates a very special day with remembrances and expressions of gratitude as part of Veterans Day.  PBV will be celebrating our own employee veterans throughout this entire week.  I am pleased and honored that we have nearly 300 employees who are veterans in our company – that’s over 10% of our entire workforce that have served or are serving in a branch of the military (including the National Guard).  I want to take this opportunity to personally express my deep appreciation for this very special population of PBV employees who sacrificed for our country to ensure the preservation of our freedom and the freedom of others. 

To show our appreciation, we are asking each of our veterans to pick up a “veteran” pin from your facility’s Lead Administrator and to wear it every day this week so that we will know who you are and so that we can thank you personally.  Additionally, go to PBV’s SharePoint and our website this week for additional information on the many different ways PBV supports our military personnel in the communities where we live, work, and play. 

Again, I encourage each of you to reflect on this Veterans Day and take the time to thank your co-workers for their service and to understand that our freedom would not be possible without their commitment to our great country.

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Patriot Rovers Program
This is a program we supported by providing product for their ride throughout our area to raise money to purchase, train, and pair dogs with returning military personnel who suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  They remove dogs from the shelters, send them for extensive training, then pair them with these returning personnel.  The bond and the unconditional love shown by a pet is the key to recovery.  This program saves the lives of impounded dogs and makes life better for our returning men and women who suffer from PTSD.

Independence Day Celebration
This annual event takes place on Seymore Johnson Air Force Base (SJAFB).  It is day filled with activities for kids and adults.  It is a way of reaching out to the families of those serving to protect us.  It helps remember those lost, celebrate those at home and help the families have a good day while separated from their family members serving abroad.  We support this event through product donation.

Halloween Bash
Much like the Independence Day celebration, this is an event we have supported that provides a fun-filled night for kids of all ages as they dress up and “Trick or Treat” around a designated area on base, ending with a big party, costume judging/awards and Pepsi for all.

We partnered with SJAFB with the Pepsi refresh program to help them earn funds for Athletic Programs as a part of their Fitness and Exercise plan.  The event was to fight obesity and encourage some type of exercise daily for the youth on base.  They score points by exercising, walking, and participating in team athletic programs like softball, basketball, soccer, etc.  We received a ton of Pepsi advertisement and kudos throughout the military community in their communications about this program.

Support Seymour Council (SSC)
We make an annual donation of $1000 to the Support Seymour Council.  The money is used to help highlight and support the many different contributions that the community makes to SJAFB and in reciprocation, the many contributions that SJAFB and their members make to our community.  This is very helpful in recognizing the need and the importance of SJAFB to our community. 

Fort Bragg Rodeo (Motor pool competition)
2012 Wounded Veteran’s Peach and Barbeque Run August 2012
Soldier Support Unit product donations
Company BBQs, Military family outings, Military Wives Auxiliary events, Military Wellness and Recreation
Wounded Warriors Fishing Tournament
Welcome Home Troops – Pantry
Soldier Support Unit – Product donations
AAFES Employee appreciation
Green Beret Foundation Pro-Am Shooting Event

Pepsi Partnership with Wal*Mart and Sams Club
$12,000 raised for each program:
Wounded Warriors - www.woundedwarriorproject.org
USO - www.uso.org
MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation)