Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability is defined by PBV as “meeting current needs without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs by balancing environmental, economic, and social concerns.”

So much of Pepsi-Cola’s success over the last century has come from both serving and being part of the communities in which we operate. Over the last several years, PBV has pursued aggressive sustainability initiatives to do our part to further serve our communities. Our sustainability program is far reaching and extends through our supply-chain from raw materials provided by our suppliers to the vehicles used to bring the product to market to the beverage containers that consumers recycle. We also recognize that good environmental practice is good business: the fewer raw materials we use, the less waste we produce, the less electricity we use-the lower our costs are.

PBV has developed programs to address and promote environmental sustainability throughout our organization. Our goal is to improve our overall environmental profile within our organization and within the communities in which we operate.

PBV’s Environmental Sustainability Goals:
  • Provide an environmentally safe workplace.

  • Create a sustainable business culture with employees, vendors and our customers.

  • Serve as community leaders in environmental responsibility.

  • Build social awareness in our communities about PBV’s/PepsiCo’s commitment to sustainable business practices.

PBV’s Sustainable Initiatives:
Environmental Sustainability