Fuel-efficient Vehicles

Our Fleet Department purchases some of the most fuel-efficient vehicles available. We are currently converting our PSAM (Pre-Sell Account Manager) fleet from small pick-up trucks to Scions. The Scions currently represent nearly 15% of our total PSAM fleet and are rated at 36 mpg.

Fuel Efficient
Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Our Fleet Department tested hybrid vehicles to evaluate how they would perform under the demands placed upon them in their daily use. The test results were very positive and we began heavily investing in hybrid vehicles three years ago. We are pleased to report that there are currently 30+ hybrid vehicles operating within the PBV system.

Dynamic Routing

At PBV, some of our customers require daily deliveries while others require a delivery once or twice a week or once every two weeks. This results in unique routing challenges when dispatching for delivery. We utilize a routing system that optimizes the efficiency of all of our routes by minimizing the miles driven by each driver/vehicle.

PBV’s Sustainable Initiatives: